Is It Your Right Home?

Since, for most of us, the financial value of one’s house, represents our single – biggest, financial/ monetary asset, doesn’t it make sense, to have a method/ technique, to ensure, you proceed, as wisely as possible, and consider, a wide variety of relevant options and alternatives? Qualified, serious, potential home buyers, should, consider, if the particular possibility, is the right HOME, for them. How can one do so, thoroughly, and carefully, in a focused way? With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means, and represents, and why, it’s wise, to undergo, as effectively, as possible.

1. House; head/ heart; heating: What are the strengths, and weaknesses, of a particular house? How are the systems, and will they, serve your needs? For example, is the heating system, effective and efficient, and what, might be the possibilities, in terms of addressing any, and all, relevant needs! Are you ready, willing and able, to use, both your finest logical, as well as emotional components, in a head/ heart balance, in considering, whether it’s the right house, for you, and your present and foreseeable, future needs, and priorities? Can you comfortably, afford this particular place, both, up – front, and, on a monthly basis?

2. Options; opportunities: Far too often, home buyers, rely, too heavily, on their personal perceptions, and are, often, misled, by professional staging, curb appeal, etc. When seeking your next home, examine, whether it offers, future opportunities, which the bones of the house, enhance, and improve! What, specific options, are most appealing to you, and why?

3. Motivate; measuring; meets; needs: Examine, in advance, whether you, are truly, in love with, specific furniture, and furnishings, and, consider, how well, they might fit, into a potential property. Know, the measurements, and specifications of these items, and measure, whether they’ll work, in the new location. What about any home, motivates you? How might it best meet your needs, and serve, you effectively?

4. Enrich; experience; energy; earn: If your house, fails to enrich, your experiences, and happiness/ enjoyment, it won’t earn your consideration! Whether, you might, potentially, afford the costs associated, with home ownership, directly relates to, whether, you might benefit, and be happy/ comfortable! Many overlook the associated, energy costs, which, often, are a significant component of a homeowner’s monthly expenses.

What might, make a particular HOME, the right one, for you? Know yourself, your finances, needs, goals, and priorities, and proceed, with common sense!

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